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There is endless articles, blogs and discussions about why less women start businesses and the difference between men and women in business. And, there’s endless sites, networks and articles that pretend that they are helping women.  Actually,  they are undermining women and co-relating things that doesn’t exist.

         I went to a women startup event the other day thinking I’ll be proud to be part of a group that helps women by women but actually it felt so bad that I think I will take precautions on which meetings to go to next time. The speaker ended up undermining women and the advice was that we should learn the lingo that men use in business!!  And, that it is going to be very hard just becuase we are women!!!! It was ridiculous and kind of tricky on letting women think that I as a woman should feel broken and run around seeking help just because I’m a woman as an excuse to succeed!!!  When as a matter of a business fact, I actually can only succeed if I have a great product and know how to make a profitable business out of it. period!  I don’t think gender has anything to do with why there is less women starting a business and if that question actually valid to begin with. It’s like saying you have to have 2 arms to speak better than the person with 2 legs!!!!!!

          Furthermore, the other day I read a scientific article about how our brain always trick us in finding certain patterns in our environment and we do our best to make sense of it even it really doesn’t exist. I believe women and men are different biologically which some times translate to a new found psychological “pattern” that we paintbrush it over any person and find reasons to make sense of it. That pattern ,that doesn’t hold, makes us ask questions like why less women in startup than men thinking that we figured out a pattern that doesn’t exist. But the truth is,  if any person wants to succeed then he needs to believe in himself/herself and follow the path of success regardless of having an arm or a leg or being a man a woman or a whatever the case is!

All I know is that women, organizations, blogs, committees, programs can help women succeed but it can only succeed if you rely on the fact that starting a business needs effort, determination, entrepreneurship, planning and executing with a strong belief in oneself regardless of gender.

A successful product and business doesn’t discriminate gainst its’ founder!

What do you think?