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Just because I pressed like on shoes or liked a shoes page, it doesn’t mean that am sentenced to seeing shoes all over my Facebook homepage, bugging me to like more shoes and all shoe’s pages and all of friends likes of shoes and…Enough! I think Facebook got its algorithm incomplete! Not only Facebook but where marketing in general is heading is in the Wrong Direction if relying on interest alone! We, human beings “like” different things at different times and would like to like new things and change the likes that we liked before, at different times and places. We are more complex than some marketers think even though they are human beings themselves! It is true that I might like something or be influenced by my friends to like something but the question is how strong and how long my like will actually last which will actually make me take action upon it. There must be a different algorithm that will make me like something I would have never liked before just because it came at the right time. TIMING is the missing part of the incomplete equation of finding people’s interest!

Timing is the most important thing in marketing not only – interest. So marketers and social media should actually do their research to find the timing of the liking and how strong is it to make me do something about it instead of keep rubbing my interest in my face 24/7 until I’m bored and not interested anymore! which goes back to studying human behavior and psychology and most of all timing, not only focus on the surface of  the potential customer as known as ” interest”.

Interest has to coincide with the right time. 1 year ago, I was interested in shoes, yesterday I was interested in food, now I’m interested in technology and have no urge in buying shoes but would buy a new app! yet Facebook and marketers are still sending me shoes adds and likes! Well, NO thank you NOT NOW!  The probability of knowing the NOW or prediction of the time of interest in something at a future period is the most important part in achieving a successful marketing while on the other hand understanding that human beings change thier opinions, interests, and lifestyle over TIME.  Isn’t that how Facebook became successful, because it entered the market of socializing at the right Time!  Facebook didn’t succeed just because it figured people are social ( people are social being regardless) but people were ready at a certain time to start socializing over the net more openly and at that “Right Time”.  Facebook entered as a problem solver of a great product that satisfied that need at that time and developed the interest of the openness of socializing across the internet.

  • Proof of Timing+Interest= Success.
  1. Facebook: people socializing over that media outlet when they were ready at that time!
  2. Christmas and holiday shopping and most seasonal shopping is the right time to buy!
  3. Groupon’s local coupons succeeded mostly because of bad economical situation when people were looking to save money at that Time!
  4. Panera and most casual fast food restaurants succeeded at the time when fitting the notion of saving money with bad economical situations yet still going out for a restaurant.

How can we solve the problem of packaging the “interest with the right time”?

  1. Create an interest and convincing the customer that it is the right time by enhancing product features: to get that product or service because it solves a problem or upgrade because it is the time to do so.
  2. Bundling of products and unbondling creates the interest for people that now it is bundled, later it’s not! so i’d better get it now! kind of how during christmas, things get bundled and people buy it because it will not be bundled afterward. so maybe we should bundle at a different time and then unbundle services and products!
  3. Going back to the segmentation with a deep focus on demographic and especially age. So if i’m selling a woman age 30 a product, I should convince her that it is the right time to buy it now and influence her by make her like it and think it is the right time. Then, make her tell her friends that it is the right time!
  4. Figuring out the time of certain behaviors and making products and services available within that time! Just like having a bear at a football game, people pay more because it is the right time. And, sometimes creating an unknown interest just because it is the right time!

Timing, time and timeless!