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           If there’s approximately 750 million users on Facebook then they are probably mostly adults not kids! And, what adults do other than socializing? They work, build careers, network, and look for jobs! In order for facebook to capitalize on a different aspects of socializing and kick Linkedin in the B*** for trying to compete with them by introducing a live stream and other known facebook features, Facebook should introduce a new feature which is a Professional Profile. The professional profile will allow most facebook users to upload resumes and introduce themselves in a more professional way than the regular social profile, where companies can access this profile and consider the user as a job candidate.


  • For users: Each user can obtain a professional profile if facebook added that feature to be utilized by its’ users. They can upload their resume, showcase their capabilities, and highlight their achievements. Each user will have the privilege to choose between being a professional networker connecting with other professional profile users or just be a social person with friends. Once clicked on “my professional profile”,  you are in a totally different sphere of connections and possibilities! plus, friend lists can be used as a reference that can be checked by hiring companies immediately.
  • For companies: recruiters and companies can access professional profiles as well as obtain fans while at it and advertise their product or service! check references of candidates immediately and get to know them better instead of searching  different networks to get to know more about who they would like to hire. Furthermore; They can send messages to candidates and hire employees.
  • For Facebook: Users will spend more and more time on facebook because they can switch between regular and professional profiles anytime, socialize, network and search jobs all in one place; which consequently means more advertisement of companies and more revenue leading to maximum profit!
  • For linkedin: they can look in dismay! how they didn’t themselves think about introducing a new feature of just a Regular Social profile that allows connections with friends and family 😀