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A Review of Google+ in a Nutshell :

  •  Profile: You get the stream of posts where you can share status updates, pics, videos and what’s not! Sounds familiar? You bet! Nothing new there! You can check specific updates and personal info about your friends.
  • Circles is a pretty cool feature where you can customize numbers of circles of friends in different groups by dragging and dropping. When you share, you can choose which circle you are sharing with.  Looks and feels great and more user friendly than lists on twitter or creating friend lists on Facebook. Each shared item on the stream got the +1 button which is similar to “like” on Facebook.
  • Spark: it is based on interests which is a bit unique in the sense that you can add interests by searching in your search bar what you are interested in. Then, you can click on any interest and see latest of different contents like articles and books about it. Probably this feature is about generating info to target you for advertisements. Makes sense and innovative!
  • Hang out: best of all and coolest yet! The suggestion is to use it to contact friends as to decide via live stream video on where and when to go or to “Hang out”. Kind of a new way to create events but not really! You can create a hang out any time and friends can join and leave anytime. This feature will probably be used to chat or to see live reactions when you share a video or picture.
  • Google+ bar seem to disappear when scrolling down. It is used for notification. Many are asking that it should freeze on top and have +1 button.
  • What’s great about Google+ is that you get your email , calendar, and other things all in one place so you don’t have to log out and in in other places.

The previous description is based on my friends reviews and my understanding. On future posts, you’ll get my feedback on the pro and cons and is it worth it to switch or use anyways!

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