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My suggestion on how to make Charitubl Rock even more! upon request of @mikeclemente, Co-founder of Charitubl.

Charitubl is similar to Groupon in getting an opportunity  to buy a deal or try a business but without the ugly mess of discounting businesses! It actually allow users to purchase an opportunity while promoting a good cause and spreading awareness of charities, big and small. An all around good for all ends kind of  dealing:

  • Users can get an opportunity to try a business or purchase a deal while supporting one of the featured charities!
  • Businesses will also have an opportunity to be featured and advertised in a good social responsible light!
  • Charities get donations and by featuring them on Charitubl , awareness is spread!

Enjoy being part of this sociall responsible company for making the web a better place for businesses, people and charities! Bravo, Charitubl!  Actually, I might even purchase random deals just because I like to help and I’m sure many might feel the same way!

Since I like to help Start-Ups, my suggestion to Charitubl are as follows:

  1. Add the FourSquare Element of receiving badges! People like to brag about themselves in achieving higher levels of whatever the case is! So, why not allow them to seek higher levels of social responsibility every time they purchase through your website. and then, they can share their badges of goodness on their social sphere of influence like Facebook, Twitter, blogs ….Etc. This way , Charitubl as well as charities will be promoted through all the sharing!
  2. Another suggestion would be: The more badges the user receives,  the more super special offers  s/he can get. This way it is not only about bragging of being a pro-good cause but actually getting some value in return. It’s all about feeling Special and who doesn’t like to feel special?!
  3. Let the users create profiles and track favorite charities so they will be encouraged to buy an opportunity just for  the sake of benefiting their favorite charity. Friends can be invited also to buy that deal because that user will be announcing that it is a favorite. An icon of heart or favoritism near each charity featured box can be added for example, and automatically email alerts will be sent in the future.

Thank You for reading 🙂 Feel free to  leave comments even random ones are welcome!