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Facebook managed to be a cool social place for long but recently if you like pages, you get lost on your wall because of so many postings of pages you “liked” . As for me, I started to unlike and hide posts because I feel bombarded. But, sometimes I do want to check the postings of those pages when I’m in the mood for it! I Don’t want to go everyday and hide some posts and then unlike some pages even though I might like them tomorrow.

It will be sad to lose interest in checking my friends posts daily because those liked pages don’t stop. Facebook is becoming an uncool commercial place! I like twitter more because I can create a list and check their tweets without having to check everybody’s tweet. Twitter is cooler in focusing on making it personable.

         Facebook can make it better and keep it a cool place by splitting the wall into columns or creating page breaks. Or, they can have tabs of multiple walls! On One side or tab, we should get friends updates and postings and on the other are the pages updates and posting of pages “liked” while pages shared by friends can either have another tab or appear on friends update but once I like that page, its postings should appear in the pages updates sections.  If that was implemented, Facebook will get those benefits:

  • Facebook will be cool again! it will refocus again on the social aspect that made it a great place to begin with
  • We as users will not unlike pages after we like them so Facebook advertising will be of more value.
  • Everything will be organized and great looking.

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