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Do It Yurself, Get Fans for free by utilizing a couple of hours a day 🙂 here are the steps:

  1. Once you create a page , you need to have a target market in mind.
  2. Once you realize your target market , you (as a page) walk in their shoes and by using your page, start liking other pages that your target market might like and you will find many.
  3. Then,you (as a page) not only like other pages but also visit those pages, share your page on their wall and like comments of their fans.  Those fans will check who liked their comments and then they will like your page because they are unknowingly targeted!
  4. examples: if you are a page for moms start liking pages for kids and kids activities and spas and all pages of what a mom would like then go to that page and you will find your fans awaiting your “like”  on their comments. Another example: if your page is a restaurant like other restaurants and other pages in the area depending on where your target market would be ( which fanpage they would like)
  5. Benefits: Do it everyday and watch your fan base increase. Another benefit is; once you interact with your fans , they start sharing your page and consequently, your page will be ranking higher on search engines improving your SEO.

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