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My Marketing Feedback based solely on my opinion.

Zaarly was created with the confidence to satisfy a buyer’s controlled need that was never acknowledged before. Usually buyers get to be told and convinced of their need and wants for services and products by using many manipulative selling pitches and pressure but not in “Z-nation”.  Zaarly just saved us all from that and now buyers get to control what they need, when, and how much they are willing to pay for it to be delivered to their doorstep. Buyers may need a service and whoever can provide it, can make some quick cash while both can quickly decide if the transaction can be done. All based on location which is clever.  “i’ll Zaarly $20 for my car to be washed”  for example and whoever is nearby and willing to do it can click “i’ve got that” and DONE.

Sounds great and a fun application to acquire but some elements are missing that will round Zaarly up to become the best ” Z-nation” for it’s citizens to enjoy. I am a huge fan of Zaarly and I follow most of the Zaarly people like @DanOnMainstreet on twitter and I love that they ask for feedback from users so here we go:

1. Negotiation between buyers and providers which leads to chat which means whoever is online at the moment can have a green icon near their name that shows that  they are online and random people can chat and may actually become friends which makes Zaarly a great social place revolving around transactions.

2. Rating or Recommendation. Buyer can rate service done by seller or service provider which gives buyers confidence to use Zaarly.

3. PICTURES, pictures of people, things, done transactions. I remember I suggested once to create a suggestion list for buyers! why not include pictures. some people like to observe before jumping in.

Hope those features can be implemented in the future. if not still Zaarly is a breakthrough

Rania Abdo

twitter: @raniaabdo

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/wowrania